Chaskiq 0.9.0 is out! 🤟

Chaskiq 0.9.0 is out! 🤟 Customer satisfaction rating plugin. Reporting dashboards for all API components playground!

Chaskiq 0.9.0 is out! 🤟

And how we built a Customer Satisfaction engine in 1 hour. 😚

This release has many styling tweaks on the platform design, dark mode enhancements, and sidebar visualization, but the following ones are the new features that deserve a special mention:

Prevent replies after you close a conversation 🤖

Encourage your customers to open new conversations after issues are resolved. (Thanks to to push us to build this)

The feature lets you define is the replies will be prevented after the conversation is closed; you can set up the number of days that have to pass after the replies will be prevented.

Fonts on Banner 💅🏽

One of our users' pains was that the banners do not have a way to customize the typography, so the banners, in some cases, were not well integrated into web pages regarding the visual style. Well, not anymore! now you can choose from some open fonts ✌️

Playground 🤟

Creating Chaskiq apps is fun and easy. But newcomers can find it a bit cumbersome to get started. So now Chaskiq's has a component playground to ...err play, compose and test the presentation.

Customer satisfaction ratings new plugin!

This feature deserves a special post, but for now, we will say that the CSAT feature just took us a couple of hours to build, ¿but how? Yeah, that's the magic behind Chaskiq plugin architecture.

The plugin will be triggered automatically when the conversation closes. Also, the plugin lets you send a customer rating at any time on the conversation (see above)

Report all the things! 😏

We have implemented a new section specifically for reports, so Any plugin could have a reporting visualization. That's freaking awesome, right?

Every plugin with a reporting capability will be listed on the reports page. You can set up many reporting blocks to display data, like tables, pie charts, and heatmaps, among other components.

That's it, thanks for reading!