Chaskiq 0.8.0 is out 🔥

March was a crazy month, many adjustments to the platform! Featuring: Chatflows composer for New conversations crowding Translations, user auth/identifier method & Help center tweaks

Chaskiq 0.8.0 is out 🔥

March was a crazy month, many adjustments to the platform!

New conversation bots:

A major addition is the conversation starter bots. Until now, bot flows only occurred outbound, now we add inbound flows, that is, when the visitor starts a conversation.

Here the technical challenge was more than anything to modify how the bot flows worked, because when a new conversation is created and the flow is added, it is not saved in the Database until the visitor generates an action

filters for flows and position sortables

Language translations, socialized

We now have an account at which allows us to translate the platform collectively and socially: in this version we translate into Portuguese, adding it to our list of Spanish and English localizations. Do you want to see Chaskiq in your own language? visit

New Identification system for verified users.

User sessions in Chaskiq are by default for anonymous visitors, but it is also possible to identify users who are registered in the host application. Previously we did this validation with a JWE (Json Web Encryption) encryption method, but today we add a new method that is via HMAC. This method is somewhat simpler and does not need external libraries, only the standard language library. The instructions are in the same application

Help Center Tweaks

One of the core functions of Chaskiq is that you can maintain your own documentation center, we have made some major tweaks to the documentation site UI along with the ability to reorder collections along with adding an icon to each collection