Chaskiq 0.9.5 is out πŸ˜‰

Chaskiq 0.9.5 is out πŸ˜‰

We are near to reach the 1.0.0 release, we are so excited to present our new additions to the platform.


Yup, Chaskiq now supports Telegram and is incredible; you just need to create a Telegram bot, generate your token, then add it to the plugin configuration on the Chaskiq panel, and that's it! you will receive the conversations started on Telegram right in your Chaskiq app πŸ‘Š.


Zapier is pure awesomeness. It's so awesome that, as a programmer, my hands itch to build my own Zapier like platform, but for now, we have integrated Zapier for some of the most relevant actions on Chaskiq.

Actions For: Create Conversations & Create Contacts
Triggers when: New Contacts are crated and when conversations are created, Closed & Assigned,

New default avatars

Just released a configurable fallback for contact's avatars that came in exquisite flavors. These authentic art pieces are provided by So all the kudos go to them! Β Pick your favorite one.

Typescript (non strict) codebase

Our Javascript and JSX (React) codebase were re-written to Typescript. Β So it's somewhat more secure, and I guess that's ok.

Plugins Generator cmd

In Chaskiq, the integrated plugins are plain ruby classes that have some standard methods and module namespacing. So we've created a command line generator that allows developers to speed up the plugin creation.

Run rails g chaskiq_plugin in the console and see what happens.

Lots of tiny but essential fixes:

Here are some of the most important bugfixes

  • Segments removal fix.
  • I18n v4 upgrade.
  • Husky pre-commit.
  • Draftjs exporter for emails.
  • Help center search + navigation fix.
  • Fix enqueue event processor for messenger (return JSON).
  • Fix Mapbox display ts support.
  • Private note fix.