Chaskiq 0.8.5 is out! 👾

We are back!, after 2 months of silence to give our competitors some time to catch up 😂. , we have a lot to tell on this release, we have 3 more languages available thanks to the contributors from Crowdin app, new additions are German, Catalán, French and Chinese.

Dark Mode is ON!

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Commissioned feature:

One of our clients sponsored a new feature, conversation part plugins! sponsored by, counto is debuting with their new site that looks awesome, also they have migrated from intercom to Chaskiq, what an honor!

What is this feature, now you can add plugins in the context of a message. so you can get very specific on how you want to threaten your messages once delivered.

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New plugin blocks

This is a subtle but very useful feature to give feedback on the interaction when plugins blocks, we have introduced a new block to show error, success or info messages., and they look pretty good 😄 , along with this we've introduced a contact editor as a plugin that demonstrates the usage of the "notice status".

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Whatsapp template support for 360Dialog plugin

Whatsapp Plugin 360 now has template support. One of the limitations of Whatsapp API is that you can't send messages after 24 hours of conversation inactivity. well, you can but with the so-called Whatsapp templates. So if you fire a message outside the time window you will receive a warning, then you could select from the UI which template you want and fill the information needed and voilá.

Bot Tasks Editor

Some of the pains for some users was that when you edit some segment target on chat flows there was no way to tell that the change was done or was unsaved, now this has been improved with a little indicator when you have made changes that are waiting to be saved.  

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Also, Bot tasks now support team availability checks, so a bot could be triggered during office hours or outside office hours. isn't that awesome?

Segment Manager

In that line, the segment manager got improved with a new addition, now the segment manager supports multiple user types for segments.

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Other less relevant changes/additions

  • Support app is colliding verified users with visitors on the same domain, cookie is reseted
  • Solution use cookie only for non verified, and don't update cookie on verified
  • Tours styles tweaks