Chaskiq 0.9.9 🍻

Important: This release contains a breaking change. The API now have a String type for API call on ID, before the ID were Int, now are Strings.

Ruby 3.1.2, Rails 7.0.3, Esbuild, Propshaft, and Persisted sidebar Channels (Telephony).

Agent sidebar filtered conversation channels

Search Capabilities

Search by conversation participant.

Slack multichannel for Leads and Visitors

This feature Has been sponsored by Counto.


Telnyx SMS

A new plugin, now you can add a TelnyxSMS channel to Chaskiq, thanks to silversoft for the sponsoring of this plugin.

API external profiles

External profiles can be requested and managed from Graphql API. This is especially useful for external API.

Twilio telephony

A call center was added for Chaskiq, with a new addition, a Fixed sidebar for conversational Channels that will persist across all the navigation over the agent panel.

Plugins architecture enhancements:

+ Iframe handler for components, Β secured with Rails message verifier (for internal plugins).
+ Response handling for formats.
+ Fixed sidebar for plugins.
+ Plugins: open a new window with options.
+ Updated puma, cypress.

New Pipeline

+ Propshaft in, Sprockets out,
+ Esbuild in, Webpacker out,

RTC Videocall

+ Fix regression on EsBuild with stream-readable library.

Better banner campaigns with deterministic approach to catch updates properly.