Posted: February 11, 2021

Chaskiq 0.7.0 it out, Plugins & Performance improvements

By: Miguel Michelsongs

We are getting ready for the prime time for our own SAAS version, so we've made many improvements on performance that you can use today! Also we've released some cool plugins too along with some UI enhancements.

This are the highlights:


  • 💳 Now we have payment buttons!, so you could send a & button directly to the conversation or from automated bot tasks. You can set the webhooks when configuring the plugins.
  • ☎️ Whatsapp plugins MessageBird, Vonage & 360Dialog , we've implemented the spec of the three but still need some testing on production. We have released this with the sandbox option as optional.

GDPR consent for new user conversations intents

Supports EU only or worldwide

So when the visitors want to communicate with you for the first time you can display a consent step. This can work automatically for European visitors or you can set it for every visitor.

New UI for video Calls on Agent panel

it will make a more comfortable experience for the agents when open a video session on the conversation.

Performance Improvements 💪🏽

  • Now chaskiq can work with multiple instances of a chat in a page, every if there are from different apps working on same domain. (we well keep the proper session thru).
  • Better handling on websocket connection, we have decreased SQL calls on the socket methods.
  • Anycable compatible, if you need the max speed and performance you could run AnyCable setting the proper ENV vars. check the docker-compose for development.
  • Security adjusts.
  • Amazon ses unsubscribe users on complaints, bounces (hard) and complains.
  • Get rid of many N+1 queries due to graphql-ruby implementation.

Chaskiq is an Open Source Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales.