Posted: October 10, 2020

Chaskiq 0.4.0 is out 🔥

By: Miguel Michelsongs

This release introduces a new model for plugins, it will allow users to build their own plugins with a UI based schema for insert apps in conversations, chat flows and chat home app. Yay!

  • Supports configuration for teammates so you they can configure the plugin before is inserted
  • Supports visitor interaction, so users could click on your plugin and you can process and respond with more interactive UI.
  • Supports dynamic plugin, this means plugins will be dynamically on every request. The default is static plugins though.
  • Supports actions that opens frames, so you could add fully customized applications to the live chat.
  • On creation will provide an access token grant per integration to access Chaskiq API from the plugin.

Requirements on deployment:

  • rails db:migrate
  • rake packages:update

The documentation on this is located at:

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