Posted: December 09, 2020

Chaskiq 0.6.0 is out, featuring Banners! 💟 and good bye Travis.

By: Miguel Michelsongs

We are happy to announce version 0.6.0, this comes with a feature in Chaskiq, Banners!

you can tweak some presentation aspects with a simple composer tool. Of course this feature has the usuals features, send by user segment, stats and publication time range.

The result!

In other news ....

Chaskiq 0.5.5 is proud to wear the shine new Tailwind 2.0 version.

And we moved our CI/CD to Github Actions, moved away from travis. Bye Travis, it was beautiful while it lasted. And we updated Rails to 🚊

Chaskiq is an Open Source Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales.